IDOG Rescue has a comprehensive adoption screening process that includes an adoption application, phone interview, veterinarian and personal reference checks and a home visit. All our dogs have an adoption fee ranging from $100 to $750 depending on the dog. Each adopter is required to sign an adoption contract that requires the adopter to contact IDOG if they are no longer to keep their dog for any reason.  

Dogs in our care receive a comprehensive veterinary exam, core vaccinations, fecal test/dewormer,  heartworm test, heartworm/flea/tick preventives, a microchip and are spayed/neutered prior to adoption. All of our dogs are microchipped and IDOG remains as the emergency backup contact on their microchips for their lives as a safety net to ensure that our IDOGs will always have a home. 

Each adoption application must be for a specific dog. Please submit an application once you see a dog that interests you and for which you'd like to be considered. 

As you know, Doodles are very popular dogs and, in some areas of the country, we do not get many Doodles into rescue. We do not have enough rescue Doodles for all of the great applicants that apply for a rescue dog through IDOG. As a general guide, we do not often have puppies and most dogs in rescue are of unknown origin. It is not common for IDOG to have multigeneration Doodles, Australian Labradoodles or mini Doodles although we do from time to time. We do not cater to specific requests for coat color and we encourage everyone to consider dogs of either gender.

Rescue is all about giving a deserving dog a great home, so please understand that our focus is on what is best for the dogs in our care. All applications are carefully reviewed and assessed for compatibility for the particular dog requested. We assess how well a home meets the needs of the specific dog in terms of the quality of time available, support, lifestyle and experience.

We will choose the home that we think is the best fit for the dog within a reasonable distance from its foster home. We want to ensure that our foster families are able to meet the potential adopters and have enough time to see how the dog interacts with the people and their other pets. Although out-of-state adoptions are considered, it is much more difficult when applicants do not live close to the dog. We do not ship our dogs so approved applicants must travel to the foster home within a short period of time after being approved to adopt the dog so please consider dogs that you are willing and able to visit within a short time of being approved to adopt that dog.

We are all volunteers and have jobs, families, pets of our own to care for - we do the best that we can to get back to you in a timely manner. Please realize that turning in an application today will not mean that you adopt a dog tomorrow. We believe in taking time to go through our thorough process to try to match the dog with the best fit for that dog. Our adoption process may take several weeks depending upon the dog. 

If you don’t hear from us within a few weeks of your application being submitted, then your application is likely not being considered for that dog. If you are not matched with the dog for which you applied and you see another available IDOG for which you’d like to be considered, you are not required to complete another application if all of your information has remained the same. You can simply email us at [email protected] with a note that you have previously applied and in which dog you are interested. We keep all applications on file for 3 months.

Here are a few hints to help you in your search for a rescue doodle:

1) Check our listings IDOG's Petfinder page regularly: You can save a search to be emailed when we post new dogs for adoption.

2) Register for automatic notifications on available doodles through a pet adoption website such or Petfinder.

3) "Like" us on Facebook where our volunteers post doodles in need of rescue. Our Facebook page is located at

4) Check the listings from other rescues & shelters on http://www.adoptapet.comand

 We do reject an application if we feel that the home does not adhere to our minimum policy guidelines. Disqualification is automatic under the following circumstances:

1) homes that keep dogs as outside pets

2) homes where dogs are (or have been) bred irresponsibly

3) homes that have not spayed or neutered their pets

4) homes where pets are not given annual vet exams or minimum recommended vet care

5) homes that exceed maximum pet numbers for their county

6) homes with prior history of animal cruelty or neglect charges

Due to the number of applications we receive and the small group of IDOG Volunteers, we do not respond to each applicant. Generally, we will note on our Facebook page, and our website when a listing has been put on hold and we also remove the dog’s Petfinder listing. We also announce when a dog has been placed in their home via our Facebook page. While we would love to reach out to each applicant personally, it is not feasible as we typically receive several applications per dog. We appreciate your understanding and support.

We get lovely dogs into IDOG Rescue all the time so please keep your hearts open to all available. Also, please don't forget to check your local shelters and rescues.

Getting started is easy:

1) View our available dogs below. We have more dogs that are in foster homes who are not yet ready for adoption.
2) Complete an adoption application to be considered for a particular dog that is currently available for adoption. 

For more details on IDOG's adoption policies please visit our Adoption FAQs.



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