At IDOG Rescue, we don’t want any Doodle to end up in a shelter, which is why we offer our rehoming service to owners who need to find their dog a new home. We have some limitations on the types of medical and behavioral issues we are able to accept into IDOG but, rest assured, that you will be treated with respect, and your dog’s welfare will be our top priority. We have been finding great homes for our "pre-loved" Doodles since IDOG's creation in 2006.

We will help guide you through this difficult time.  If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot keep your dog, please take these steps.

IDOG has many wonderful foster homes throughout the US. Our ability to help rehome your dog will be dependent upon the availability of an appropriate foster home for your dog. If we are able to find an appropriate foster family for your dog’s specific needs, you will need to be willing to transport your dog to one of the regions where we have more resources. Those regions are currently: Pacific Northwest (OR, WA), Texas, East Coast and some parts of the Midwest. If you are willing to transport your dog, please complete this Rehome Request Form in its entirety. After completion of this Form, please email a photo of your dog(s) and its complete vet records to [email protected].

1) The first step is to complete our rehome form fully which is located here: Rehome Form  

2) Email your dog's photo and vet records to us at [email protected].

3) Expect an email and a phone call from our rescue team to discussion your family's situation.

4) Take stock of how long you can continue to house the dog.  If we are able to accept the dog into our rehome program, we may need time to handle the transition.

5) Email us at [email protected] if you no longer need our assistance in rehoming your dog. 

For more details on IDOG's rehome policies please visit our Rehome FAQ page.

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