Adoption FAQs

What is the process for adopting an IDOG Rescue dog?


We have a comprehensive adoption screening process that includes a detailed application, veterinary and personal reference checks and a home visit, when possible. Start by completing an adoption application here.

After we receive your application and if we feel you may be a good fit for the dog, we will get in touch with you to schedule a phone interview.

How do I know which dogs are available for adoption?


Check out our available dogs on our Petfinder page here. Please complete an adoption application for the specific dog in which you are interested.

How do I know where an available dog is currently located?


Each dog on our available dog page is listed with his/her current state listed after the name. More information about each dog can be found in its Petfinder listing.

Is there an adoption fee? What is it?


Yes, ALL dogs have an adoption fee that is non-negotiable and not refundable. Our fees range from $100 to $750 depending on the dog. We will require the adoption fee be paid (by check or via PayPal online) prior to or when we transfer the dog to the new family. This fee helps with the expenses related to the care of ALL the dogs in our program and is not directly tied to expenses incurred for that particular dog. Adoption fees allow IDOG to continue doing our life-saving work.

I just want to help give a homeless dog a new life but I was not chosen as the adoptive home. What gives?


Sometimes people are disappointed in adoption outcomes, especially when many people are interested in a particular dog.  Please try not to take things personally if you are not chosen for a dog.  Our rescue coordinators consider what type of family and home environment will be most suitable for each individual dog and work hard to find the best fit. The right dog for you may be just around the corner and we deeply appreciate your interest in our rescued doodles.

What can I do to increase my chance of being matched up with a rescue doodle?


Very specific preferences will limit our ability to match you.  The perfect dog for you may be the opposite gender of the one you imagined. The right dog for your family might be black, or have a scruffy coat, or be a different age than you imagined. If you overlook some dogs because of gender, color or looks, you might just miss out on some great dogs. We urge you to consider all the dogs in our program based on their listing descriptions, and not on their photos.

I have electric fence. Can I adopt from IDOG Rescue?


Sorry, but we do not adopt to homes that use an electric fence or shock training collars of any kind. These can spell disaster for rescue dogs. 

I don’t have a fence. Can I adopt from IDOG Rescue?


We will consider homes without a fence on a case by case basis, unless the listing specifically says that the dog requires a fence.

I want to adopt a dog in a state that is far away from me. Can you ship the dog to me?


We do not usually ship or transport. It is expensive, it is difficult on the dogs and on our volunteers, and also does not allow the potential owners to meet the dog prior to adoption. Please only apply for a dog if you are able and willing to visit him/her in the foster home.

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